Plant Services, the Best Way to Protect Your Investment with EPCO Preventative Maintenance

EPCO can be your one-stop shop for all injection molding machinery services, whether it's preventive maintenance, machine repair, parts replacement, or complete machine rebuilding on your plant floor. We have the ability to rebuild a major component and replace it at your facility. This capability saves the cost of rigging and shipping, and shortens downtime. That means greater production, better quality products, and profits.

EPCO's field services division of experienced personnel and fully-equipped vans arrive at your plant to provide routine maintenance checks for preventative maintenance, machine repair and rebuilding, or if necessary, machine disassembly in order to ship major components to EPCO. We can also make obsolete parts and upgrade the obsolete controls on older machinery. This includes electrical cabinets, push button stations, shot, eject and clamp cylinders, links, lubes, accumulators, heat exchangers, manifolds and guards. EPCO also maintains an extensive, computerized inventory of standard replacement parts at Brown Machine.

EPCO's expertise with all types of machinery can identify potential problems before they become down-time nightmares, protecting your capital investment.

A Full Menu of Services
Our Field Service Department is standing by, ready to serve you with fast, dependable services such as:

  • Emergency Repairs
  • Lubrication
  • Routine Maintenance Checks
  • Calibration
  • Installations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Retrofits
  • Machine Start-ups
  • ANSI Safety Audits
  • Complete Parts Support
  • Contract Preventive Maintenance

Contact us today to learn more about EPCO's Plant Services repair and maintenance capabilities.


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Attention HPM America Plastic Molding and Die Casting Machinery Owners.
EPCO Machinery Services is your source for parts and service.


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